Humor vs. Humour

By: Julia Sprowls

Welcome to International Wit! This website is dedicated to analyzing the differences in advertising humor among the U.S., England and Ireland.

Perceptions of humor vary from country to country. International brand’s often must change their ads and campaigns based on where it will be shown because humor is so culturally specific. Our team of five’s purpose is to highlight these ads and the differences.

We, advertising and public relations students of Kent State University, will be traveling to these countries at the end of our semester in May. Until then, our team will be visiting communication agencies, attending a Global Ad and PR class and speaking with specialists in these areas. Along the way we’ll be posting about funny campaigns and advertisements and reviewing the uses of humor in each.

According to a Millward Brown study, some form of humor is used in almost half of all TV advertising. Humor can make ads more enjoyable, involving, and memorable. If humor is not used effectively, it can distract viewers from the overall message and reverse its main goal.

Historically, America is known for being less satirical and more obvious in its jokes. America likes slapstick humor, deliberately clumsy actions and embarrassing moments, whereas Britain tends to use more sarcasm and dark undertones according to a Lexio Philes article. We’re about to find out for ourselves! Visit our blog each week for new content and examples.

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