I got it from my Father

By: Bailey Purpura

So as you know by now, International Wit focuses on and loves humor. Not only does everyone on our team love to laugh, but we also find humor and its uses interesting. I believe one of the main reasons why I love humor so much is because of my father.

My father, Rich Purpura, has been a comedian since he was 16. He started performing inlocal comedy clubs in his hometown of Chicago and now has a more international audience. My dad currently works on cruise ships for cruise lines such as Disney, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Holland America. When asked if he had any international work, he stated, “Working on cruise ships definitely gives you international experience. I perform for people from all over the world.”

As we know, different people laugh at different things for a variety of reasons depending on personal experiences, culture, political opinions and the list goes on. I asked my dad if he found differences in the way people react from other areas of the world and he said,
“I usually don’t change my shows for the type of audience I work with, because I generally do not know who is in the audience. I’ve come to realize that people laugh at different things, but in the end every one of my shows makes people laugh at some point or another,” said Rich Purpura.

Because my father is most familiar with American culture, he may make a joke that Americans laugh at but others may not understand. His purposely uses a mix of humor and jokes so everyone has something to laugh at. He’s also good at bringing up jokes mentioned earlier and tying other humor into them that other audiences may appreciate. My dad believes that humor is different in all areas of the world, but when you work on cruises your act is practiced to be amusing to all people.

I asked my dad if he were to do a show overseas in London or Dublin, what would he do or change? Surprisingly, he said he wouldn’t change his act too much.

“I would add a little more dry humor to my act overseas, but for the most part I would just be myself,” said Purpura.

Having a comedian as a father is awesome, and I definitely get my humor loving qualities from him.

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