Dublin Stand-ups

By: Julia Sprowls 

We’ve been studying and analyzing humor differences for an entire semester now, and on Monday night we finally got to experience the humor firsthand.


A classic Dublin pub called Stag’s Head hosted a free comedy show called Comedy Crunch in its basement. The opening acts were Irish and British, and the headliner, Michael Harrison, was Canadian. It was a small venue, so the comedians interacted with the crowd throughout the show. Our group of American tourists stood out against the crowd, so we had the chance to say where we were from and why we were there. Each of the five stand-up comedians made jokes about the Americans in the crowd and Americans in general. Actually, most of the jokes involved racism. Each comedian made fun of themselves as well as other races and ethnicities they knew were in the crowd. As the show went on, our research was confirmed when we heard the Irish dry humor. We heard the comedians making fun of themselves, just as we learned earlier in the semester from our interviews.


After the show, we had the chance to talk to one of the opening acts, Teresa Coyne. Before she started performing for an American crowd, she said she watched American television shows to learn and understand our humor. She said she’s still working on creating segues and transitions smoothly between jokes. A difference she mentioned in our humors was how Irish comedians tend to build up to the joke, whereas American and Canadians comedians get right to the point with their jokes. Thanks to Paul Crowley, Alan Hurley, Teresa Coyne, Ben Buckley and Michael Harrison for making our first international comedy show so memorable!

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