Tá for Grá—Yes for Equality

By: Ryan Wilzoch

If you hadn’t heard, Ireland voted on its same-sex referendum on Friday, May 22nd. International Wit had the unique opportunity to visit Ireland just before the vote. It was difficult finding humorous posters and advertisements on such a serious topic. Luckily, we got a tip from an awesome professor who found the perfect video of comedians from all over the world using humor to support marriage equality.

The video linked below is a variety of comedians from all over the world, all supporting the marriage referendum. South African comedian, Trevor Noah said same-sex marriage needed to be legalized so the pain and suffering of marriage can be shared equally among all people. Jack Dee, an English comedian pretends as if he is repulsed not only by same-sex marriage, but heterosexual marriage as well, claiming a woman and man together make him “sick.”

Of course, not every second of this video is humorous. Katherine Ryan, a Canadian comedian who is half Irish, lets viewers know how the referendum can affect her family directly. She has homosexuals in her family and has hopes to see the referendum pass. She states, “I want to see my Irish family be happy.”

Stephen Fry, a gay English comedian says, “I want the same happiness that I have found, to be afforded to those in Ireland too. Give people a chance to marry and have their love celebrated.”

The votes were counted and as of Saturday afternoon the final results were in. Ireland’s same-sex marriage referendum passed with over 70% of people voting yes.

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