An Advertising, Public Relations, and Marketing day in Birmingham

By: Julia Sprowls 

Member of the education team, Curtis Allen preparing to talking with our class.

Member of the education team, Curtis Allen preparing to talking with our class.

We had the privilege to get an inside look into the marketing of one of England’s largest snack food providers, Cadbury. The Cadbury family chocolate sales started in 1840 and have grown rapidly since then. Curtis Allen from the educational marketing team walked us through some of Cadbury’s advertisements and marketing strategies over the years. He showed us brands and advertisements we don’t see in the U.S., as well as competitor trends and how they learn from them.

Cadbury’s ads all feature humor, and most of their competitors use humor too. We can draw the conclusion that snack food brands and non-essentials do well with humorous campaigns, something we did not find until our visits here in London. For example, Snickers, owned by Mars, is a competitor that uses the slogan “Get some nuts” in the U.K. and Ireland, but uses the slogan, “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry” in the U.S. We saw several racy ads and campaigns used by Cadbury and its competitors. Cadbury has an ad of a man flirting with a chocolate egg and a young actress telling her boyfriend, “Your dad is hot.” Allen said Cadbury’s tone and theme for advertisements has always been goofy and off-the-wall.

We also had the pleasure of visiting the Goodyear corporate headquarters while in Birmingham. Although this company and its brands don’t incorporate humor, it deals tremendously with global trends and translations. Kate Rock, Goodyear’s brand and PR manager, shared with us 2014 campaigns launched in the U.K. versus the U.S. The ads varied in style, but the overarching themes and tones were similar. The Goodyear brand focuses more on safe driving with family ties in both countries, while the Dunlop brand targets a high performance and extreme audience.

Global Ad and PR preparing to listen to Kate Rock's presentation.

Global Ad and PR preparing to listen to Kate Rock’s presentation.

Cadbury and Goodyear were our first overseas visits, and we can’t say enough good things about the companies and our experiences. We’ve learned about the inner workings of agencies and corporations in the U.S., but visiting the international companies taught us more about target audiences and tailoring messages by knowing the niche publics. We were even able to teach the companies a little about our work and experiences in the U.S.! International Wit made some mighty impressive contacts in Europe this week.

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