London Agency Experience

By: Danie Minor and Karianne Johnsen 

Global Ad and PR students watching the presentation given by Jed Hallam.

Global Ad and PR students watching the presentation given by Jed Hallam.

Three of our team members visited Mindshare UK on Tuesday where they met with Jed Hallam, the head of digital strategy. He spoke about his career background, agency history and global communication experience. Afterwards, on behalf of International Wit, team members asked his take on how Mindshare positions client campaigns to reflect different cultural contexts, specifically humor, as a global agency with some key global brands.

“A global client doesn’t mean it has to be a global advertising campaign,” said Hallam. He explained what one country hears could be interpreted differently from other countries. This is similar to what we heard from some of our previous sources. He emphasized how important it is to create content and advertisements that work for those specific cultures based on how each will react, by “needling in” on who it is you want to specifically talk to. Overall, speaking with Hallam added to our research and findings on the importance of cultural differences, especially when it comes to using humor.

A few days later, International Wit had the chance to visit Ketchum PR Agency, which has been around since 1932 with 106 offices in 69 countries. International Wit was privileged to talk with two of Ketchum’s employees, Ali Materna and Suru Douglas, about their positions in the company.

As undergraduates and one member of International Wit that has recently graduated, it was great hearing from two different perspectives. Materna and Douglas both work in PR, but have different roles within the company. Materna is an Account Coordinator, working with different beauty brands and Douglas is an Account Manager, who works with some top health care companies.

International Wit team members posing with Ketchum's logo.

International Wit team members posing with Ketchum’s logo.

International Wit team members all learned a lot in the short time spent with Materna and Douglas. During the time spent at Ketchum, it was an inspiration to meet with two young professionals who are in the field that we are so excited to join in the future.

During their presentation, Materna and Douglas gave us some top tips for breaking into PR:
• Be nice to everyone
• Be enthusiastic about everything…even if it is just opening a box!
• Tailor your applications
• Be prepared to start small in the agency
• Be flexible
• Consume the news thinking like a PR professional
• Get digital
…and finally

International Wit wants to thank both Mindshare and Ketchum for agreeing to meet with us, and giving of insights on how to breakthrough in our industries

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