A Semester of Irish Culture

By: Karianne Johnsen

Just a short drive from Causeway coast, known as one of the most scenic coastlines in Europe, sits the University of Ulster – Coleraine in Northern Ireland. During the spring of 2013, Blair Gabalis, a graduating Integrated Language Arts student at Kent State University, spent a semester studying abroad at the university as an exchange student through the school’s study abroad program. When she wasn’t in class or embarking on fun adventures across the beautiful countryside, Gabalis spent her time making memories with her new Irish friends. As one would expect when visiting an unfamiliar country, it took a while to catch on to the Irish slang and humor.

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What’s so Punny?

By: Ryan Wilzoch

Let me ask you a question. What makes you laugh? Is it the way Tina Fey impersonates Sarah Palin? Is it that hilarious new vine you saw? Maybe it’s the way someone says something just at the perfect time.

This week we went around Kent and asked students what makes them laugh. Surprisingly, I got a lot of the same answers. Kids love to watch comedy television and only watch commercials they expect to be funny. Oddly enough, most students said GEICO and Doritos had the best commercials of all time.

Who would expect insurance companies to make you laugh? Insurance companies are normally serious and dry, but when it comes to commercials, everyone is talking about them. Click the video above to hear more of what Kent students have to say!

Thanks to everyone who participated!