Interview with Caitlin Kelley

By: Danie Minor

International Wit had the chance to interview Caitlin Kelley, a Kent State graduate, who went on the first Global Ad and PR London trip. Caitlin currently works at Hitchcock Fleming and Associates as a Research Coordinator. International Wit would like to thank Ms. Kelley for taking the time out of her busy day to do this interview with us!

Road Trip to CLE

By: Ryan Wilzoch

On February 11th, the team went on their first agency visit to Dix & Eaton in Cleveland, Ohio. The team had the opportunity to meet with several professionals and learn about the differences in PR all around the world.

We were also given the chance to meet with select employees at Dix and Eaton for informational interviews. This gave team members the chance to hear how employees got their position at Dix & Eaton. Team members also got the chance to learn strategies on how to better their resumes, portfolios, and how to better present themselves.


Click here to see Dix & Eaton’s website!