Live Young, Baby!

By: Bailey Purpura

Evian Water’s dancing babies went viral online and on TV as part of the Live Young campaign. This ad began airing in the U.S. and UK in 2009. Despite the differences in humor that we have mentioned in previous posts, this same ad has been aired in both the UK and U.S.

The commercial ties humor by showing adorable babies dancing like only adults can. This type of humor translates well mainly because it’s a universal type of humor, not sarcastic or dry humor. It’s the adorable type of humor that a wide audience can appreciate. The “live young” slogan doesn’t come up on the screen until the end, which makes the purpose of commercial a little confusing. Despite the delayed explanation of the adults seeing themselves as babies, this commercial does a good job of using humor that is easily understood and appreciated.

I definitely think this type of humor is funny to all cultures and never gets old. Wondering how they filmed this humorous masterpiece? Well we found a video on how the creators got these babies dancing and viewers laughing. Check it out for the behind-the-scenes clips here.

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