A Storyful Day

By: Bailey Purpura

Today, our lead writer Julia and I visited Storyful, a social media news company in Dublin. This company is based in many locations all around the world including New York and Hong Kong, and their main goal is to discover content to send off to newsrooms all across the globe, mainly the United States. They provide news content for CNN, Good Morning America, The Today Show, ABC, The New York Times and more.

One of their main focuses at Storyful is viral videos, a.k.a. the trending humorous videos we all know and love. When you see a hilarious trending video for the first time, Storyful saw it weeks before. Trending witty tweets and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge were all discovered by Storyful before they went viral. It was very interesting talking with Donie O’Sulleven, a journalist at Storyful, about all the content that comes in through geo-tagging on all social media channels around the world. Donie also told us how a lot of fake and/or staged videos come in too, so before sending them on to newsrooms, a lot of research has to be done. All around, great lessons learned!

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