I Got It From My Mama

By: Danie Minor 

My mom, Beth Kaufman, is a comedian. She performs standup comedy up and down the east coast. She found her true love for comedy in a not-so-funny situation.

Six years ago, my mom was diagnosed with stage 3B breast cancer. She had to go through grueling chemotherapy, radiation and over 10 surgeries. While sitting in chemo one day, she decided she wanted to do something fun with the rest of her life. So, she finally round up the courage to go to an open-mic night for standup comedy! She had never stepped on stage before but once she did, she found her true calling.

My mom started performed at various comedy clubs all along the east coast six years ago. She also found a love for teaching children how to do standup comedy. She followed another one of her dreams of writing a book. She wrote Make Mine a Double, a Mastectomy That Is about her journey through breast cancer and told it with comedy. We all know cancer is nothing to joke about, but my family has found that with humor, it is easier to get through a tough situation.

My mom has not done standup internationally, and she is not sure if she ever will. Her main reason is because she knows that American humor does not always translate correctly to other countries.

“I have learned a lot about reading International Wit’s blog, and now I know so much more about English and Irish humor,” said Beth.

My mom is currently working a one-woman show, and she said that the humor in this show is much more diverse, so she would be willing to take this show on the road to England and Ireland!

All of us in International Wit cannot wait to watch her one-woman show!

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