Wake up and Smell the Thrill

By: Bailey Purpura and Ryan Wilzoch

Outdoor advertisements, also known as guerrilla marketing, are creative ways for businesses to showcase their products. These ads can be things like 3D chalk drawings, paint, stickers and reverse graffiti. These types of creative advertisements grab the bystanders’ attention. Creating one of these ads can be quite treacherous but if done correctly, have a huge impact.

Folgers Coffee had a great example of guerrilla marketing. In 2006, the coffee company painted a birds-eye view of a steaming coffee mug image on New York City’s manholes. Before the viewers can stop into the nearest Starbucks, as we all know there is one on every corner in New York City, this ad already has them thinking about that coffee. This cool and fun ad gets people on the streets craving a hot homemade cup of Folgers. Now, while this ad may seem brilliant and humorous, there was one thing Folgers did not think about, the smell. Many people walking the streets of New York were very turned off by the smell of this creative ad, which gave Folgers a problem they did not bargain for.


Outdoor advertisements have not been seen only in American cities, but all across the globe. One guerrilla marketing techniqueused in England grabbed the attention of anyone and everyone walking by. The creative ad was done by Alton Towers Resort, a popular theme park in the city of Alton. The ad is designed to look like a 3D optical illusion to promote the theme parks newest ride, Nemesis Sub-Terra. The ride can be described as, “Leaving you screaming for more.”

The ad was placed inside the SouthsideShopping Centre in Wandsworth, England. The theme park wanted to set this ride apart from the others, and that they did. The guerrilla tactic was placed inside the shopping centre’s elevator. The image on the ad was supposed to look as if there was no bottom to the elevator and once you stepped inside, you would fall into a bottomless pit. Many unsuspecting shoppers were fooled by this 3D image but claimed the ad worked extraordinarily well. It made those entering the elevator recall scary, thrilling, and startling emotions that got them excited for the new amusement ride, or at least talking about the in-your-face ad. After all, isn’t word-of-mouth the best type of advertising?


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